Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No. 78 - Scheerer House

Scheerer House

Scheerer House
1324 Carroll Avenue – map
Declared: 2/3/71

The penultimate home on this run of seven Carroll Avenue monuments, this Queen Anne house is a terrific example of a pre-fab style of Victorian architecture.

The original owner, businessman John Scheerer, probably chose the layout and materials from a retail catalog or “plan book” (anybody have a link to one online?). Produced in piecemeal in a factory somewhere else and shipped to the Angelino Heights address, it was then assembled by local workers.

Scheerer House

As in front of the Russell House, an original carriage block still stands on the sidewalk of 1324. The hitching post and streetlight are also vintage, but not original to the site.

Funny how a factory-produced cottage from more than a century ago can exhibit more craftsmanship than many custom-built homes built today. Well, maybe ‘funny’ isn’t the word I’m looking for. Speaking of craftsmen...

Scheerer House

Not every home on the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue is a city landmark. However, the entire block is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and stands as the core of the Angelino Heights Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. One of the homes not a Los Angeles monument is the five-bedroom craftsman/bungalow below. Situated at 1340 Carroll, this 1907 home, in my opinion, could easily be one of the block's highlights with just a little paint, tree-trimming, and free beer and pretzels handed out to bloggers.

1340 Carroll Avenue

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