Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No. 85 - Gilbert House

Gilbert House

Gilbert House
c. 1903
1333 Alvarado Terrace – map
Declared: 7/7/71

This Queen Anne-ish Alvarado Terrace home was built for William F. Gilbert, about whom I know nothing other than he appears to have built a home on Alvarado Terrace around 1903.

Gilbert House

Gebhard and Winter, in Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide, say the lower portion of the house is covered in Santa Barbara sandstone.

I love how, in these pictures, except for the paved street, there’s no sign of anything that could pinpoint an era past the building’s original construction – no cars, no 7-11s, no satellite dishes, no Charles Bronson movies, no microwaves, no – well, you get the idea.

Not that I've been looking real hard, but I can't recall seeing green shingles like on the right-hand side below.

Gilbert House

While I’m all for trees, shrubbery, and such, it’s nice to get a really good look at this building without all sorts of foliage blocking the view.

This last picture is sort of like the first picture at the top, just from farther away.

Gilbert House

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