Saturday, January 26, 2008

No. 109 - Irey House

Irey House

Irey House
1325 Carroll Avenue – map
Declared: 1/3/73

For Sale: One Victorian fixer-upper in Angelino Heights, four bedrooms, five baths, formal dining room, two parlors, an office, and an attic. Mainly Eastlake in style with a bit of Stick thrown in.

Irey House

Built in 1887, the house is named for it original owner, gardener Hiram B. Irey. At the time of its historic designation in 1973, the Irey House was still standing at 1123 Court Street near Boylston.

A few sources I’ve looked at mention the asymmetrical roof and window alignment. The Carroll Avenue Association’s Picture Album of Historic Angelino Heights from 1987 also notes a second-story window that lights up the interior stairwell.

Irey House

Thanks to the Foundation’s efforts, the house was moved the seven blocks from Court Street in March, 1978, to its current site. Also moved from Court Street at that time was the house today found next door at 1321 Carroll, Monument No. 176. Both homes sit on a large lot occupied by a Victorian home torn down in 1970 (its estimated repair cost of $6,000 was too steep). Thanks to the Los Angeles Public Library and photographer Peter Antheil, here’s a picture of the old 1321 Carroll Avenue home.

1321 Carroll Avenue

It’s good to know both homes, hard-worn and graffitied, were donated by owners LAACO Inc. and William and Marilyn Soukesian to the Foundation. (The Carroll Avenue Restoration Foundation was begun in 1975 with four families on the block donating $350 each.)

The Irey home’s first owner on Carroll Avenue was Mr Don Pease.

The semi-restored house has been for sale at least since the first time I visited the block for Big Orange Landmarks, and the price has changed. Last March, the cost was listed at $1,600,000. By August, though, the price had gone up to $1,750,000. When I stopped by to take a few more pictures recently, there weren’t any sales flyers available, so I’m not sure what’s being asked as of today. If you go by, let us know.

Irey House


Joan Dektar “Future Brightens for Old Houses” Los Angeles Times; Mar 26, 1978

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Anonymous said...

Just found this Irey house by accident. Its funny to say but,... my name is Brendan Irey,and this is almost the exact dream house that I've always pictured myself living in. Had it been near the capital of NY, this would have been the perfect opportunity. Seriously, what an amazing house. Structures today are garbage and cheap. This house needs work, but its worth it. Peace & love

Brendan Irey

Anonymous said...

It's a creepy house and it's falling apart

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

I disagree about the creepy part, but yes, it sure is falling apart (and it's shameful).

Unknown said...

I would thin k that today you could pick it up for about $800K, but it would take at least another $500K to make it livable.