Sunday, July 27, 2008

No. 166 - Kellam Avenue Carriage House

Carriage House

Kellam Avenue Carriage House
1417 Kellam Avenue – map
Declared: 11/3/76

This Victorian-era carriage house originally served Everett E. Hall, co-subdivider of Angelino Heights, and his home around the corner on Douglas Street (HCM No. 216). Today, it’s property of 1417 Kellam Avenue. As such, it’s up for sale.

1417 Kellam Avenue

1417 Kellam, located in historic Angelino Heights and pictured above, is being offered for a cool $1.25 million. I’m not crazy about the way the main house (not part of the designated landmark) was renovated. I bet it was a very cool Craftsman at one time.

Carriage House

It’s tough to get shots of the carriage house, as it’s in the fenced-off back yard. Here’s a really good one, pre-stripped of paint, from the L.A.’s Dept of City Planning website (as usual*):

Carriage House

Today, the old carriage house is a guesthouse. Below is the view of it from Douglas. It’s pretty easy to imagine how you’d steer your horses up this path from this angle.

Carriage House

That’s it. Quickest post ever.

Carriage House

* You can always click here to see the city’s shots of nearly all its Historic-Cultural Monuments.

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Tash said...

If only I had a million or two. :)
Beautiful & interesting post.

Tracy Stone said...

I just found this post, and I wanted to comment on the remodel to the front house. The house has been added to many times over the years, and the porch was enclosed and the house was stucco'd over prior to the creation of the Angelino Heights HPOZ in the early '80s. The recent owner removed the stucco, and did her best to restore the parts of the house that were intact, while giving the enclosed porch a more compatible character to the rest of the house. She is to be commended for this hard work which greatly improved the appearance of the building.