Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No. 203 - Baird House

Baird House

Baird House
14603 Hamlin Street – map
Declared: 10/18/78

Owner of the Van Nuys Nursery Company, Robert J. Baird was one of the San Fernando Valley’s first nurserymen, specializing in fruit and walnut trees. He built this bungalowish home for his wife, Florence, in 1921.

Baird House

Just a bit more about the Bairds: he also served as president of the Van Nuys Kiwanis Club; and Flo not only taught voice at the Van Nuys Branch of the Hollywood Conservatory of Music and Arts, she was also a soprano soloist at the First Presbyterian Church of Van Nuys.

Baird House

Mark Sutton, an active community advocate, moved in after the Bairds. Sutton was the Valley’s second pharmacist, buying Wayne Beck’s business in 1913.

Baird House

Formed in summer of 1952, the Volunteer League of the San Fernando Valley had its headquarters down the street at 14428 Hamlin Street until termites and dry rot forced them to look for a new center of operations in 1975. The organization moved into its current home in 1977, a year before the city declared the old Baird House Historic-Cultural Monument No. 203.

Baird House

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Darrell Clarke said...

I'm amazed I never noticed this house, being a graduate of Van Nuys High (just a block west)!

(Also, what happened to your main page's sidebar and posts earlier than "I'm Taking A Break"?)

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

Hi, Darrell. Every computer I've looked at shows the archives and links, but there must be a problem if you're the second person to ask about them. If no one suggests what the issue may be, I'll email blogger. Thanks for letting me know.

gc said...

I can see the links no problem. Keep up the good work, Floyd!

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

Thanks, GC. A couple of readers have mentioned the issue, though.

richard hilton said...

Mark Sutton replaced Wayne E. Bechtelheimer who was the first pharmacist in Van Nuys. Mark also lived in his house which was the first house built in Van Nuys, 1911, and was still there until 2 years ago when the developer who owned the house found out we were trying to save it, and tore it down immediately. Robert Baird died in a car accident with a PE car in 1927. Mark Sutton bought the house shortly after that. Mark Sutton died of a heart attack in the Baird House in 1936.

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

That's great information. I had no idea Sutton was living in that historic house recently demolished. Thanks a ton, Richard.

Unknown said...

My great grandparents lived in that house, in the 1940's.