Monday, October 8, 2007

No. 73 - Innes House

Innes House

Innes House
1329 Carroll Avenue – map
Declared: 2/3/71

The Innes House, built in 1887 in the Eastlake style for real estate developer/shoe store magnate/city councilman Daniel Innes, is the first of seven homes in the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue to be designated a city landmark on February 3, 1971.

Innes House

Los Angeles’s Department of City Planning’s Zone Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS) lists the year of construction of the Innes House as 1903. If you’ve got the energy to research why there’s the discrepancy between this and nearly every other source I've seen, let me know. I choose to believe the earlier date of 1887.

Barber Dominic Iannorone bought the house in 1920, living there until 1971 (the year of the house’s designation).

Innes House

The Innes House was one of two homes opened for visiting on a recent Los Angeles Conservancy walking tour of the block ($5 for members – cheap!). The second floor (off limits) is used as a residence, but the first is rented out for filming TV shows and movies like Charmed and Little Women and Of Mice and Men. To see: the sliding door separating the back parlor and dining room (it’s got its original 120-year-old finish), the kitchen’s original floor, the coved ceilings, the slate and cast iron fireplaces fauxed up to look like marble and wood, and the snowflakes etched into the window insets.

Plus, if you take the tour, you walk away with a nice little brochure by Cindy Olnick, Angelino Heights: The Victorians of Carroll Avenue.

Innes House

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Unknown said...

i always was wondering about that house i knew that someone had to live there and it had to be so inconvenient to live there and have people film but to hear that they have the top floor separate makes me sad be cause you just know they have just destroyed the true floor plan of that beautiful Victorian home

shopgirlke said...

I was fortunate enough to go inside this masterpiece on my birthday a couple of years ago. This place is magnificent! Immediate step-back-in-time!

Would pretty much give anything to own this piece of history!

Thank you for the opportunity you allowed me.

Ariane Bartosh Interior Design said...

This place is for sale for only 464k! doesnt that seem really cheap?

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

Super cheap, Filthy Duchess. Buy it and have me over on poker nights.

brujaalaantigua said...

Who is the seller for contact him Im very interested in buy it this house for a sentimental ancestors stuff? Im pleasured of your answer thanks so much