Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No. 108 - Beaudry Avenue House

Beaudry House

Beaudry Avenue House
c. 1885
3800 Homer Avenue – map
Declared – 1/3/73

Heritage Square Museum calls this landmark the Ford House in recognition of its first owner, woodworker John J. Ford (his occupation would explain why the home’s woodcarving is especially ornate). A more popular name is the Beaudry Avenue House, as the structure was still standing at its original location at 140-142 North Beaudry Avenue, just northwest of Bunker Hill, when designated a city monument thirty-five years ago.

Beaudry House

Beaudry House

(Somewhat large parenthetical aside: Beaudry Avenue was named for Prudent Beaudry, “the first to popularize real estate and bring it within the reach of men of small means...” He was also a merchant, the first president of the Los Angeles City Water Company, a city councilman, Los Angeles mayor, co-owner of the Temple Street Cable Road, and originally from Quebec.)

Beaudry House

Ford’s old home is a Victorian hodgepodge of Italianate, Queen Anne, and Eastlake styles. It was moved to Heritage Square a week before Thanksgiving in 1974. While the outside is well restored, the interior needs a lot work. Unfortunately for the Ford House, I think there are bigger priorities for the Museum to attack before the non-profit gets around to fixing up its inside.

Beaudry House

1885 is the most common date I’ve seen for construction. The Museum uses 1887.

And, yes, these pictures were taken two different days, as with this shot of the Ford House with HCM No. 413, the Octagon House, and No. 22, the Palms-Southern Pacific Railroad Depot...

Beaudry House

... and this one featuring the Ford House and HCM Nos 98, 40, and 65 (Mt Pleasant House, Hale House, and Valley Knudsen Garden Residence).

Beaudry House

Up next: Irey House


Unknown said...


Thanks for the wonderful photos and description of the Ford House.
For anyone thinking of visiting, a great time would be on February 9, between 12 and 4, as Heritage Square Museum is hosting "Old Timers Day", entailing free admission for seniors.


Brian Sheridan
Director of Development
Heritage Square Museum

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

Thank you for the comment, Brian. And thanks, too, for the news on this Saturday's event. I hope it's a huge success.