Thursday, October 11, 2007

No. 74 - Sanders House

Sanders House

Sanders House
1345 Carroll Avenue – map
Declared: 2/3/71

Michael Sanders was a warehouse operator back in 1887 when he became the first owner of this Queen Anne/Eastlake home.

Sanders House

According to the Picture Album of Historic Angelino Heights (Carroll Avenue Restoration Foundation, 1987), the porch was modified way back when the house was converted to a two-family residence.

Speaking of the porch, why is it all ratty, considering the rest of the home is so well restored? Funds run out? Or maybe it’s some sort of statement, preserving the unpreserved. Search me.

Sanders House

If you took the Los Angeles Conservancy walking tour of the block, you’d know that while the driveway leading up to the old carriage house was originally brick, this one’s a replacement.

What is original to the site, however, is that big old Moreton Bay Fig Tree beside the house. In fact, it dates back to the area’s initial development by William W. Stilson and Everett E. Hall (the guys filed for subdivision of the tract on March 19, 1886). Like the houses on either side of it, the tree, too, is protected.

Sanders House

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Unknown said...

I have an original photograph of this house from 1887. was matted by 'Gabriel' in 1979

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

Will you scan it for us? That'd be fantastic to see.