Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No. 143 - 6028 Hayes Avenue Residence

6028 Hayes Avenue Residence

6028 Hayes Avenue Residence
Late 1800s
6028 Hayes Avenue – map
Declared: 4/16/75

You need to check out the horseshoe-shaped Hayes Avenue in Highland Park. It’s off the beaten path, very short, and it sort of connects Avenue 61 and Avenue 59. It’s home to many cool houses (including another city landmark), one right after the other, most of which deserve your attention.

6028 Hayes Avenue Residence

I can’t tell you when HCM No. 143 was built. Some sources, like the city, date it back to 1885. It could be later. Gebhard and Winter say it was put up a decade after that. In any event, it was one of the first homes right around there, as many of its neighbors are from the early 1900s. This means, for a little while, the folks who owned this tidy Queen Anne home, with its big ol’ sittin’ porch, must’ve enjoyed the view of the Arroyo Seco, just a few dozen yards away, on warm winter nights like nobody’s business.

6028 Hayes Avenue Residence

Right when 6028 was getting its designation back in 1975 (its owner at the time was Jude C. Moritz), the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission was turning down a request to declare nearby 5970 Hayes Avenue a landmark. Here’s a pair of pictures of it:

5970 Hayes Avenue
5970 Hayes Avenue
Oh. The house I'm talking about is behind the log cabin with the green roof.

I don’t know what it looked like thirty-three years ago, but I think 5970’s still got charm. I sure would like to have seen it with its original roof, windows, and siding. And my guess is that brick has replaced the old stone, perhaps from the Arroyo itself, still seen on the side porch. ZIMAS says 5970 was built in 1904.

Coming in for the save, one final shot of the landmark, 6028 Hayes.

6028 Hayes Avenue Residence

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Pasadena Adjacent said...

This is my hood. I live on a street where houses span each decade starting with my neighbors house that was built in 1895. We still have one empty lot left so this century will also have representation.

Unknown said...

do you know anything about the series of brown, craftsman-like homes on hayes? specifically, 6066hayes ave (90042)?