Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No. 97 - (Site of) 1620 Pleasant Avenue Residence

1620 Pleasant Avenue Residence

1620 Pleasant Avenue Residence
c. 1876
Demolished in May, 1973
1620 Pleasant Avenue – map
Declared: 2/23/72
Bah. A 1972 designation couldn’t save this rare and fine example of Italianate Victorian Los Angeles architecture. Deteriorated and vandalized to the Nth degree, it was demolished the following spring.

The lot stands about a block away from Mariachi Plaza off the corner of Pleasant Avenue and 1st Street. Today, the building below occupies the site. Compare the edge of 1620’s next-door neighbor in the two pictures, separated by about thirty-five years and at least one coating of stucco. The top shot is from L.A.'s Department of City Planning website.

(Site of) 1620 Pleasant Avenue Residence

I enjoy walking around this section of Boyle Heights real well. There are lots of old L.A. homes remaining, if only a little worn and tired. I can only imagine how the commodious building below, built around 1907 (an even century ago) and standing somewhat across the street at 1515, appeared in its heyday. Now, it isn’t the most attractive building in the area, but I really find it appealing. With its terrific view of downtown, the apartment complex looks like it’s kept up alright, but what’s up with the cement lawn? Speaking of what’s up, what’s the deal with the coat hanger dangling from the telephone wire? What an odd place to hang laundry.

1515 Mt Pleasant Avenue

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